BAUER Comp Stick Supreme 1S SE Grip

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BAUER Comp Stick Supreme 1S SE Grip
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Bauer Supreme 1S composite Stick - best supreme stick. High kick point + soft blade work together to optimize powerful shots.

- Created for players who need a stick that delivers punishing one-timers and powerful slapshots.

- High Flexpoint
- new MPK (Maximum Power Kick) Technology
- All new taper geometry with lower taper initiation for maximum energy output with minimum effort using a stiffer lower shaft that pushes the kick point even higher, creating a stick that is easily loaded - perfect for powerful slap shots and one-timers. This stick is ideal for those who lean heavily into their shots.

Flex Profile
SUPREME High Kick Point Profile
Shaft Construction/Technology
eLASTech Resin System (SR & INT only)
Monocomp Technology (true 1-piece stick)
MPK Technology - NEW
TeXtreme® carbon fiber construction
Blade Construction/Technology
Exterior: TeXtreme® carbon fiber construction
Interior: POWER SENSE CORE 2 blade core - NEW
Pure Shot blade profile
Shaft Shape
Square double concave shaft
Shaft Taper
SUPREME Power Dual Taper
Grip Options
Gloss finish (non-grip)
GRIPTAC grip finish (shown)

Weight: 449 gram
Weight of the 87 Flex and P92 pattern with grip. Weight can be different to other curves and Flex

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