Bauer Supreme 2S Pro Grip Stick Intermediate 65 Flex

Bauer Supreme 2S Pro Grip Stick Intermediate 65 Flex
Bauer Supreme 2S Pro Grip Stick Intermediate 65 Flex (2)
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The Bauer Supreme 2S Pro stick isn't just built for huge slap shots or one-timers either.The Extended Transfer Zone provides much more versatility than previous Supreme sticks by making the shot release on quick snap and wrist shots a little bit faster too. The DuraFlex Resin System and the ACL Blade Technology that provides better pop life, overall better impact resistance and improved playability with a higher balance point.
Furthermore the ACL (Advanced Carbon Layering) Technology found in the TeXtreme 18K Carbon Fiber Blade Wrap allows Bauer to raise the balance by removing a significant amount of weight from the blade without sacrificing durability or strength. In the inside of the Supreme 2S Pro blade Bauer uses one of the most unique blade cores on the market called RenewCore. They injected a pressurized gel-like substance that will seek out cracks that are caused by everyday wear and tear of playing hockey.
The Supreme 2S Pro provides the highest kick-point from all sticks, which means it's geared toward players that aggressively lean into their shots regardless of what type it may be. This kick point uses MPK (Maximum Power Kick) Technology, which stiffens the lower third of the shaft while softening the upper handle to help generate more shot power than a traditional mid-kick point.

The weight of a Bauer Supreme Pro stick is aprox. 415 gramms

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