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Skate Vapor 2X Pro from Bauer, as always with new features and technologies, which come directly from the Bauer development department and introduce the next generation of the successful series.

- Fit: The Bauer Vapor 2X Pro ice skate stands in the best tradition of the popular Vapor series for dynamism and acceleration. Flat foot profile for a rather low instep. Slightly narrower cut, for great mobility and the best possible forward flex

- Dynaflex System: New design to allow all components of the product to interact perfectly

- Outer material: Thanks to the 3D Curv composite material, the Bauer Vapor 2X Pro ice skate can be perfectly adapted to the foot (thermoformable)

- Inner material: Quick-drying Lock-Fit Pro material for high wearing comfort, prevents the foot from slipping in the shoe, which ensures a better fit and maximum mobility and acceleration.

- Total Edge Comfort: A special padding on the edge of the Vapor 2X Pro ice skate above the ankle ensures that the edge does not press uncomfortably into the foot

- Tendon Guard: Movable for the first time in vapor skates, supports and gives power back to the foot while skating

- Knuckles: Great padding with the super light and cushioning Aero Pro foam, which is known from the Vapor protective equipment. For the first time, Bauer is even pulling the padding up to the beginning of the toe cap for outstanding wearing comfort

- Tongue: New Recoil Pro tongue made of felt. Their reflex properties act like a spring and give back excess energy in the course of movement. With double-injected foot protection for additional protection

- Lower sole: ventilated, consists of ultra-light carbon composite material, which guarantees the best power transmission with low weight

Toe cap: A new, laterally flattened shape (asymmetrical) saved material and gave the skate a more dynamic design

- Footbed: New Dynamic Flex insole, which combines comfort and high power transmission thanks to different layers

Grinding for Bauer 2X Pro Skate must be ordered separately! Put in the shopping cart: [url = / shop1prodlist.html? Search = professional machine] grinding of both shoes [/ url]

- Lacing strip: New construction with softer material to enable even better forward flexing and to simplify lacing

- Holder and iron: The Bauer Vapor 2X Pro Skate is equipped with the proven Tuuk Lightspeed Edge Holder with quick-change system and the Tuuk LS5 Stainless Steel iron with carbon coating, which is three millimeters higher than the standard iron LS2, and thus a longer durability as well enables a more aggressive approach. The carbon coating ensures the sharpest edge and therefore outstanding grip properties. This iron is no longer removed during grinding.

Redesigned seat with super comfortable Aerofoam Pro foams, a redesigned toe cap, recoil tongue and LS5 iron known from the Supreme 2S Pro Skate, new Tendon Guard, redesigned lacing and a new insole are just some of the great features that market leader Bauer is offering in its new flagship. The skate is rounded off by an innovative, sleek design, which clearly sets it apart from other models.

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