Bauer Vapor 2X Pro Roller Hockey Skate Senior

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The main focus of the 2XR Pro was on improving the shoe and Bauer used the Dynaflex system here. The asymmetrically shaped toe cap reduces the overall volume in the shoe and is ideal for athletes looking for a low-profile fit. The new shape of the toe cap improves your push-off power. So you benefit from this technology every step of the way. Another aspect of the Dynaflex system is the Integrated Injected Facing eyelet system, which wraps the foot and offer better support for the player for increased control over the skate
In addition, the Vapor 2XR Pro Inliner uses Bauer's Aero Foam Pro material and the Recoil Pro tongue. The Aero Foam Pro material encloses the ankle for an individual fit and offers high-end protection and comfort properties. The dual-injected tongue offers excellent flexibility, allowing you to get low in your skate stride.

The Vapor 2X Pro roller hockey skate not only impresses with its outer technologies, but also offers professional inner values with the Lock-Fit Pro liner material, designed to provide moisture-wicking comfort and to keep your foot secured in place for improved striding.
The Bauer Vapor 2X Pro skate has a composite outsole for good support from below, which perfectly supports both the shoe and the HI-LO Kryptonium chassis. The chassis offers maximum responsiveness with extremely low weight. The HI-LO Kryptonium chassis fits 2x 76mm wheels in the front and 2x 80mm wheels in the back for an improved attack angle to improve power, speed and control. The HI-LO Swiss bearings used further maximize your steps.

Features of the Bauer Vapor 2XR Pro Inline Hockey Skate Senior:
Recommended player level for the 2XR Pro skate:
- Elite level

Quarter package of the Vapor 2X Pro roller hockey shoe:
- Durable 3D Silver Curv® composite
- X-rib pattern
- Comfort Edge edge padding
- Abrasion-resistant Abrasion Guard material

Thermoformable of the 2XR Pro skate:
- Customizable exterior and interior material

Lining material of the Bauer 2XR Pro inliner:
- LOCK-FIT PRO material

Ankle padding on the Vapor 2X Pro inliner
- Aero Foam Memory foam

Tongue construction of the Bauer 2XR Pro roller hockey skate:
- Recoil PRO felt tongue
- injected, double metatarsal protection

Outsole of the 2X Pro Inliners Senior:
- stable composite construction

Footbed of the Vapor 2XR Pro shoe:
- Dynamic Flex footbed

Chassis of the Bauer 2XR Pro Inline Hockey Skate:
- HI-LO Kryptonium chassis

Wheels Confirguration on the Bauer Vapor 2XR Pro Roller Hockey Shoes Senior:
- 2x 76mm wheels in front
- 2x 80mm wheels at the back

Wheels of the Vapor 2X Pro shoe:
- Labeda addiction
- Indoor roles

Bearing of the Bauer 2XR Pro inline skate:
- HI-LO Swiss

Weight of a Bauer Vapor 2X Pro inliner in size 7 EE:
- approx. 1195 grams

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