CCM Jetspeed FT490 Icehockey Skate Senior

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The CCM Jetspeed FT490 ice hockey skate was engineered with no outsole, no stitching, and no glue in high-energy transfer zones. The result of this is a tapered, 360-degree fit, providing directly energy transfer for explosive speed and power in every stride. Additionally, the boot is super lightweight and highly rigid, generating ultimate skating performance.

CCM's JetSpeed line provides a tapered fit, using a slightly narrow forefoot construction with a narrow and anatomical heel and ankle design. This tapered fit provides players with a close, 360-degree fit around and under the foot. The FT490 has great stiffness for maximum performance and is thermoformable, allowing you to enhance the overall fit and feel of the skate.

The FT490 includes the top-of-the-line SpeedBlade XS holder, a new technology that builds on spring-lock holder systems. CCM uses their new SpeedBlade Xchange System to make swapping out your blades easy. This system works by using a positive-lock mechanism to tightly secure the blade to the holder. Once it's time to replace the blade, all you have to do is roll the BladeLock dial until you feel resistance, pop the blade out, place your new blade in the holder, and turn back the dial. CCM partners their new holder with the SpeedBlade XS Stainless runner. This blade offers excellent durability for a long lasting edge which results in long term performance.

The FT490 includes CCM's Liteframe 360 quarter package, an enhanced one-piece boot frame that increases the foot contact area with the entire skate boot. This one-piece construction is complemented by Rocketframe Composite, an NHL-caliber boot material that provides you with a lightweight feel and enhanced fit. With these technologies, CCM shows their commitment to offering an excellent tapered boot for those players who perform best with this fit profile.

Inside the FT490 boot, CCM uses their TotalDri liner with Durazone abrasion protection. This high-performing, moisture wicking material helps to keep your feet dry and your skates light throughout the game, whether you're hitting the ice for warm-ups or taking your first shift in overtime. The FT490 also features the CCM footbed for added support, and multi density foam ankle padding. These symmetrical foam pads wrap around your foot for improved comfort.

At the top of the skate, CCM uses their Tritech tongue with molded lace-bite protection. This tongue provides enhanced comfort while also molding to your feet and high ankles for an improved overall feel. Also featured at the top of this model is the Smooth Contour comfort pads, used around the collar of the boot for excellent foot and ankle comfort.

Features of the CCM FT490 ice skate Senior at glance:

Fit Profile: of the CCM FT490 icehockey skate

  • tapered fit
    *slightly narrow forefoot construction
    *narrow and anatomical heel and ankle design

Thermoformable of the FT490 skate:

  • 360° thermoformable

Quarter Package of Jetspeed FT490:

  • One-piece LITEFRAME 360 with RocketFrame composite
    *True one-piece boot allows CCM to remove the outsole entirely
    *greatly improving energy transfer efficiency, weight-reduction, direct foot-to-ice connection, overall responsiveness and fit
  • The outsole-less construction allows the bottom of the boot to better contour around the foot and can also mold during the heat making process, which is something skates with outsoles cannot do
  • Streamlined non-essentials such as the facing in order to reduce weight without sacrificing durability

Lining Material of FT490 Jetspeed ice skate:

  • Total-Dri Liner with DuraZone Abrasion Patches
    *CCM's premier liner does an excellent job of wicking away moisture and resisting abrasion
    *Integrated anti-wear material at the top of the liner extends the life of the skate in a high-wear area where shin guards tend to rub
  • Smooth Contour Pro collar
    *Soft padding helps to alleviate high-ankle abrasion
  • Multi-density memory foam ankle pads

Tongue of FT490 skates:

  • New TriTech Flex with molded lace-bite protection
    *7mm felt with thick injected foams designed to offer excellent forward flex, protection and comfort

Footbed of the 490 ice skate of Jetspeed line:

  • CCM Anatomical Response footbed

Blade Holder and Runner used at FT490 icehockey boot:

  • SpeedBlade XS with SB XS Stainless Runners
    *Patented mechanical quick-release BladeLock system allows steel to be swapped out in seconds
    *Provides a tight connection between the steel and the holder that maximizes energy transfer, provides a better life-span and prevents the runner from accidentally releasing
    *Replaceable hardware

Weight of a FT490 skate in size 8D

  • approx. 845 grams

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