CCM Tacks 70 helmetcombo Senior black helmet with cage

CCM Tacks 70 helmetcombo Senior black helmet with cage
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CCM introduces with the CCM Tacks 70 helmet combo a new recreational level hockey helmet suitable for all ages, with all features you want and need at a very accessible pricepoint.

The Tacks 70 icehockey helmet offers a modern redesigned shell, that protects while keeping your style in line with today's pro hockey players.

- You will find instant comfort in a dual density full coverage liner, that you can trust will keep you protected when it counts.
- This lightweight vented shell will keep you focused on your game, whether you are a seasoned veteran or just starting out.

- Its built-in Flip-Clip-System allows for an easy tool-free length adjustment on the sides so you can grow with the helmet for a while.
- After all, a well-fitted helmet is the first necessary step toward protection!

- This helmet is lined with layered foams that feel great the moment you try the helmet on, and throughout your play. With a full coverage liner, your head feels wrapped in soft yet protective cushioning, game after game.
- The FM70 facemask also features a newly designed floating chin cup, which moves freely ffor the best fit and comfort while its foams help pad and protect.

Features of the Tacks 70 ice hockey helmet at a glance:
Comfort / Protection:
- dual density liner
* lightweight construction with full coverage dual density foam liner for top notch comfort and protection suitable for all ages.

- tool free length adjustment
* easy Flip-Clip-Adjustment on the side of the helmet for a customized fit and high-level of comfort

- high density PE shell with integrated ear covers
* modern, pro-approved look designed to help distribute recreational level impacts

Facemask (CCM FM70 facemask):
- thin round wires
* lightweight protective design provides maxiumum line of sight
- floating chin cup construction with comfort foam
* designed to move with your enhanced comfort while offering a good level of protection

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