RX-MAXX Roller Hockey Skate High Performance X3 Senior

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RX-MAXX Roller Hockey Skate High Performance X3 Senior (2) RX-MAXX Roller Hockey Skate High Performance X3 Senior (3) RX-MAXX Roller Hockey Skate High Performance X3 Senior (4) RX-MAXX Roller Hockey Skate High Performance X3 Senior (5) RX-MAXX Roller Hockey Skate High Performance X3 Senior (6)
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Professional inline skate with a very stable high performance light frame chassis and extra large rollers for fast movement. In contrast to cheap brand name shoes, this inline skate is ideally suited for sport and long-term use. As the hockeyoffice, we recommend this shoe unreservedly. Due to its stable outer skin, the inliner is optimally designed for an aggressive game and can withstand pucks, balls or stunts without any problems. Likewise, great importance was attached to longevity with the Chaissis on high durability and stable construction. The roller hockey inline skate also has extra larger rollers than many competing products in its size range. You are always one step faster than your opponent. During the entire development of the inliner, not every part was saved, but on the contrary, a lot was used which ensures optimal performance with a long service life.
The RX-Maxx 76A high performance wheels on the inliner give the shoe a special indoor performance and give it that extra extra grip when riding outdoors.
Technical specifications:
2 x 80mm 2 x 84mm
RX-MAXX 76A high performance, high durability
Lightweight core

Rebounce TDI material
High performance light frame chassis with copper rivets in the rear for greater mobility. Stable structure also suitable for sport and endurance sports
Feel good step in lining including heel shape and ankle arch.
Free accessories: lace hook, axle screwdriver for changing the roles

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