RX Maxx Profi Wheel (Set of 4) High Performance eXtra Grip

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RX Maxx Profi Wheel (Set of 4) High Performance eXtra Grip (2) RX Maxx Profi Wheel (Set of 4) High Performance eXtra Grip (3) RX Maxx Profi Wheel (Set of 4) High Performance eXtra Grip (4)
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The mixed indoor and outdoor roller is the ideal addition to your inline skate. Regardless of whether it is a RX Maxx or another inline, this reel is the right choice. With 76A, the reel in the hall has the best possible grip with maximum durability. But you can also use this role for outdoors there, this role offers eXtra Grip, with great grip. Nevertheless, it is the case that with this wheel you also have sufficient durability outdoors. You will not notice any annoying bursting or peeling from the core. During the manufacture of the roller, careful testing was carried out to ensure that it is suitable for European road surfaces as well as for hall floors.

RX Maxx 76A reel has a lightweight core that is coated with rebounce TDI material.
Thanks to the rebounce TDI technology, this role literally sticks to the hall floor and ensures - especially when starting - for the decisive step that you want to be on the ball / puck earlier.
So without crumbling and great wear and tear, this reel is the best reel in this price segment.

- TDI technology
- Degree of hardness: 76A
- long-lasting durability, no crumbling
- for normal 608 bearings
- Set of 4 price of the MIXT roll suitable for
- Indoor as high performance
- Outdoor with extra grip
- lightweight core
- high durability

The roll is available as 68mm, 72mm, 76mm, 80mm, 84mm

GRIP: 8, Speed: 9, Durability: 9

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